If you’re planning on picking out a new puppy  you may be wondering if you should choose a male or a female. 

Is there really a difference between male and female dogs beside their physical reproductive characteristics? When it comes to male versus female dogs, 

do they act differently? If so, which gender makes the best pet?

Ask around and you’ll get a wide variety of opinions. There are many dog owners who insist on always getting either a male or a female dog. 

The owner of a male dog may tell you that they’re easier to train, only to have the owner of a female dog report the same thing. 

In the end, you may be no closer to choosing between a male and a female dog.

I personally had a male dog as my personal companion for 20 yrs and he was the best dog I have even known. 

When I was a child we had a female dog for 14 years that was the smartest dog I have ever met. She knew all of her commands plus could say words.

The most significant difference between the sexes are their hormones and how those hormones affect everything from physical differences to behavioral
tendencies and natural instincts.

The role hormones play, along with anatomy, has certain benefits and concerns worth noting. For males, these differences are a direct effect of testosterone. 

In contrast, estrogen dominates a female’s behavior.

Should I get a male or a female puppy?

as a breeder I have the pleasure of working with male and female adult dogs and also male and female puppies. 

All I can do is tell you my opinion formed over 30 years of breeding dogs.

lets start with basic nature:

A mature male French Bulldogs responsibility in nature is to breed those pretty girls so lets think of him as the "lover".

A male will have different qualities such as usually a thicker body and head. 

A male French Bulldog typically is more cuddly and giving and silly, let say care free because he doesn't have any responsibilities' in life.

A male French Bulldog males include no heat cycle, less expensive to neuter, and potentially easier to train and more loyal.

Males do not go through heat cycles. It’s a pro because it reduces one source of hormonal issues as well as drastic behavior changes or physical symptoms 
such as a phantom pregnancy. 

It goes without saying that male dogs are often more protective of their owners and make good watchdogs.

Many breeds of male dogs are said to be easier to train because they are more receptive to commands.

However, if you train your dog right, both males and females should be trainable.

A mature female French Bulldogs responsibility in nature is to breed but also raise babies so she needs to be in charge 
of her environment so lets think of her as the "boss".

If you own a female dog who’s not spayed, you’ll need to allow for estrus, also known as the heat cycle, twice a year. 

It lasts about 2 weeks and involves making certain accommodations. 

You’ll need to keep your female confined to close quarters in order to prevent unaltered males from barging into your backyard. 

You’ll also need to provide a space that’s prepped to clean up the bloody discharge.

At the very least, a female’s heat cycle will last for 21 days – these cycles occur 1-2 times a year, depending on the breed.

Perhaps you’d like a more petite version of your favorite dog breed. Females tend to be smaller in size than males.

Female dogs reach maturity faster, which means they can be trained at a younger age. 

A female temperament tends to be more focused and not as vocal. All these factors add up to females being trained faster than males, 

and they can housebreak easier. With no impulse for marking, females conveniently empty their bladders in one stop.

female dogs can be less affectionate, more independent, and far less willing to please you. 

If you’ve ever owned a female dog, you may have noticed that they tend to be more prone to mood swings.

Basically there are pros and cons to both sexes so you get to choose. If you are as devoted to your puppy as the puppy is to you then you will have a great dog !

All puppies are born being little sponges soaking up everything that is happening around them. They start forming opinions around 9 weeks of age. 

If you are patient and positive and stop to take time to show what you want to the puppy and are consistent you will have a great family member 

and it will not matter if it is a male or female.